Artificial Intelligence

Companies’ leaders are having a hard time to catch up with the pace of development of new technologies. Things are getting even harder for the most technically advanced companies to feel satisfied, because the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Communication Technologies advancement, like Cellular Network 5G, and Internet are making today’s tools already obsolete for tomorrow. Intelligent factories are growing fast and their machines are built with the ability to work with new software to enhance collaboration among them and humans, locally and globally.

While it is true that intelligent machines driven by AI (artificial intelligence) and l IoT ( internet on things) help to be accurate on scheduling, production volume output with desired quality, and almost no accidents, quicker repairs and distribution, there is a huge concern. Workers competence is not rising at the pace of the intelligent machines sophistication. The big corporation has to create their own school or collaborate with universities to provide the education necessary for the immediate future. However, it will be long before humans get significantly replaced by intelligent machines like robots because each machine can do only one function but a trained worker can perform multiple functions at the time. To automate all the functions of one factory the cost of extra space required to house all the robots necessary will exceed many times the saving in labor. Tesla learned it the hard way. I brought it up because we cannot pretend that all workers need to go to school to be trained. The companies that provide the pieces of equipment should have training programs for those workers who will be the operators, maintenance technicians and of course, supervisors and process engineers and so forth. The skill traders may suffer a little reduction of jobs due to automation but many of them are good candidates for maintenance. Most specialized professions are unlikely to be replaced but actually modernized. New tools are and will be available to better perform their jobs.

It is of paramount importance that managers and workers be informed of the Industry 4.0 rampage like advance, and take compressive action to face reality. Automation is a reality that will improve our livelihoods and expand the economic cycle. It will accelerate the growth of the companies by means of higher revenues, open the possibility of increasing wages, what will result in higher expending, higher demand and more jobs.

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