Having a Coach or  Consultant is like having an extra brain that enables us to center our ideas and  to take decision faster and safer. Don't wait until is too late! Tomorrow could be late.

It is worth a try!

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Alba Contreras

ICF certified Coach


College  Executive Coaching


Certified by the MIT

Digital transformation Consultant

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Why I give a time of coaching and consultation for free? Very few people know how beneficial is to have a coach. I want to allow those peoples to feel it without risks or commitments. Some times people's career reaches a point when seems to run out of ideas, solutions, alternatives, inspiration, etc. It could cause Anxiety and Depression. It is time to call a Coach!

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Do you know someone who fears the Revolution 4.0?

Do you realize that Technologies  AI, IoT,AR,3d, 5G and
Digital Transformation are here  to stay?
Would you like to know how to embrace the Technology Trend?
Do you fear to lose your job or your company due the advance of the Technology?

The best Option to create a peace of mind and embracing the
advance of the New Technolgies is having a 
Digital Transformation Coach