Why to Hire a Consultant?

Alba Contreras Focus on Solutions on Operations. There are many forms of consulting, but Operations is the area of expertise we service. A good Consultant in Operations must have a profound understanding of industrial processes as well having experience and extensive training, in order to guarantee better results to the organizations and management that hire him or her.

What Consultants Do?

We provide consulting and coaching for leaders and organizations looking for help and enablement of manufacturing’s digital transformation.

Industry 4.0 has created a dilemma to CEO’s, in terms of the urgency of embracing the new technology to be competitive. We focus on guiding the talent resource to embrace the digital era and look for options that better fit in the organization. A consultant Identify the needs, problems and obstacles, but also strengths, opportunities and potentialities.


How Consultants Help?

An Independent consultant provides advice to help managers to make decisions. The process starts with an interview to learn about goals. Most of times, interviews with several members of the organization are necessary to gather information that is used to present a clear and detailed proposal. The work includes participating in regular meetings, proposing changes to improve processes by applying own judgment or specific expertise and lead workshops in and out of premises.