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Alba Contreras Rodriguez  MBA, ACC

executive coach - operations consultant

Successful at Coaching
and Consulting Leaders
to Empower Teams

International Executive Coach
Digital Transformation Consultant


Alba Contreras Rodriguez

Recognized as a strategic Global Operations and
Management Executive with a proven history of building
high-performance teams and leading sophisticated manufacturing and service organizations.

Successful at coaching global executives on navigating corporate culture and processes as well as cross 
generational leadership and multi-cultural organizations.

  What results can be expected?

  • Executive Coaching during present Digital Transformation
    era is no longer about only results, climbing the ladder or
    having the urge to learn new skills.
    It is more about recognizing their own emotions and how
    can possibly  motivate good thoughts and behaviors of

  • There is a concern that technology is making company's
    leaders outdated or losing personal and position power. Executive Coaching helps clients to rethink and understand
    that it is not too late for reengineering.

  • Achieving readiness to sync the workforce with technology .

Clients served by Industry

Health Care


Executive Coaching | Consulting | Industry 4.0

Management Change | Group Couching | Public Speaking

Making Things Happening.


Certified Executive Coach &

Digital Transformation Consultant


Alba Contreras Focuses on Solutions of Problems.
Many years of experience in multiple functions in the auto industry  and her education at UofM  and MIT in Industry 4.0, endorses her qualifications. 

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Alba Contreras practice Coaching for Executives an Teams without bias or personal interests on the companies with the knowledge and ability to guide executives to achieve their goals.



Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm

47202 Manhattan Circle

Novi, MI 48374


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 Automotive Supplier,CEO


Alba has broad and diverse functional experience which applies to many areas of business. She coaches  teams and works exceptionally well across functional and divisional boundaries.



I've seen Alba successfully managing process improvement programs across the Americas and implement manufacturing process innovation in plants and staffs. Alba has excellent consulting skills and personal strength that drives results.

General Manager, Electronics Company

This woman is incredible. She understands the big picture, works like maniac, and asks phenomenal questions. She spots things in the analysis that no one else sees and is great about keeping the team on task. My time with Alba is one of the best experiences I've had in my life

COO Healthcare Industry

Technology Consultant

Alba is someone who leads by asking questions and willing to serve others. Her innate talent helps clients identify and embrace solutions that will work for them. Her business name fits how she works in relationship with others - focusing on solutions. 


COO, Professional Services Company

Alba is very talented in connecting throughout large organizations to make things happen. She handles well working with the production line, or with the CEO of a Fortune 50. She is able to find non-obvious improvement opportunities.

Global IT Manager

Alba's business is life changing.  The work she does to help people better themselves is top notch!


Global IT Manager, Automotive OEM

I came to Alba in need of her executive coaching expertise.  I had 2 main goals I wanted to work through with her to further my professional and personal growth.

We set up a schedule of 10 weeks to work through the goals and feedback on my progress. Alba had books for me to read and discuss, questionnaires to reflect on and complete as well as questions tailored to my personal goals.

There was a clear agenda for each session and tracking of items as I moved forward.  Alba held me accountable and ensured I stayed on track. She used technology to help the meetings be more personal, and setup time to meet face to face when needed.

At the end of our sessions, I was amazed at how much we had accomplished and how far I had come to achieving my goals.  I feel that I now have the proper tools in my tool belt and am better equipped to navigate my carrer.


Healthcare Industry Executive

“Alba intuitively uses her listening skills to provide leadership coaching that increases your personal awareness to make positive changes to your desired goals. Alba’s coaching style assists you in creating new sustainable structures to continue personal growth and learning. The coaching experience is a solid personal and professional investment.”
Healthcare Industry Executive


Product Development Engineer, Automotive

Alba is a successful coach who is understanding, committed, firm, fair, and encourages self-awareness” Product Development Engineer, Automotive

Alba is not just a leader, but an important and necessary influencer in how people, teams, and organizations can best move forward 

Product Manager

Program Manager at Automotive Start-up

Alba's coaching sessions are life changing!  She offers customized insight that is integral to the coaching process and tailors sessions to align with your goals and expectations.  Her coaching style is one that is genuine and always in your best interest.  Alba's encouragement and guiding hand were invaluable during the process and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to work with her.



Automotive Supplier North America Controller

I have worked during the last 6 months with Alba and I appreciate her deep knowledge and sincere reliability and honesty. She offered measurements, insights, and ideas that stretched me. We have identified not only strengths but also areas in need for improvement. She has a variety of tools that can help anyone gain clearness, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. The accountability to a truthful coach is a priceless asset in my life. I am a more fulfilled individual today because of Alba’s coaching. I totally recommend her as a coach! Thanks again!

Automotive Supplier North America Controller

Automotive Executive

Automotive Industrial Engineer

Alba was recommended to me as a coach. Any organization would benefit from Alba's commitment to people and focus on results

With multiple changes happening within my industry and with my employer, I felt I was at a cross road of my career.  I was struggling to determine my next role, what was a good match for my strengths and what future opportunities I should pursue.  I was also unclear how to understand and articulate my value to others, what makes me unique and how to highlight my strengths.  In a world of competing priorities and people, understanding how you can bring value to your role and organization, while meeting your personal needs and goals, is vital.

I decided I needed an executive coach to assist me in gaining clarity, understanding my strengths and deciding my future direction.  I chose Alba Contreras from Focus on Solution because of her breadth of real-world experience, her relatability, and her results driven approach.

My experience has been outstanding!  Alba assisted me in clarifying my values, my strengths and helped me identify future roles that would be a great match.  She provided resources and more importantly, asked me hard questions that required genuine, thoughtful reflection.  With the busyness of life, it is often hard to find the time and focus to deeply think; with Alba, the process created the safe space, time and tools to help me find the clarity I was seeking.  I recommend her to anyone who is looking to make that next career move or needs to further understand themselves better.

Leadership Training Company, CEO

I have seen my wife’s growth in confidence that has allowed her to explore options that she would've never otherwise done and she's happy. The coaching is helping her achieve clarity on what she wants.