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Supply Chain Management SCM keeps evolving month after month. It is reacting to demand changes as a result of the globalization of businesses. The accelerated evolution of the technology also calls for the flexibility and adaptability of SCM to the reality of the market. For the first time SCM of some companies is dealing with the complexity of outsourcing and in-sourcing .
Strategic Planning & Process Improvement Leaders who take the time to create and communicate a vision, a strategy  and a plan, find that they are able to create a level of motivation. They are also able to attract highly skilled and innovative people, and they have the ability to propel and otherwise mediocre business into one of power and respect.
Collaboration Our ancestors evolved under collaboration to survive. Individualism came along with industrialization and focus on competing with each other, to gain power. Now is the time to go back to the bases and working together if we as enterprises or society want to prosper, to grow or simply survive. However, collaboration mind set is not always easy to achieve.
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Supply Chain Management